We need change

Written by Tayyaba Iftikhar & Narrated by Yarmiah Saleem (Student Rabtt Summer Camp 2015)

I have always been an average student in my class. Although I’m not a shy person, yet I’ve never felt the need to stick-out in my class. I’ve always had the idea that being proactive will make me look vain or worst a class clown. I can’t stand those kids who gets all the attention and don’t leave room for other kids to opine.

Furthermore, I am not a science geek tough I understand that general science is very important for our basic education. I’m more drawn towards the idea of creating beautiful things out of our imagination. This craving had me aspiring to join fashion industry in the future. Likewise, I just cannot act like a machine being operated by someone else; I want to be my own master. I can’t find interest in listening to monotonous lectures and taking tests in which I have got to write what I have crammed from a book.

I believe education is not just about sciences, math and languages. It’s the complete learning process. Of course, all the basic education is very important for us to understand this world. We need the basic knowledge of all the things before we determine our thing. My idea of an ideal education is that helps us in self-awareness and also makes us aware and prepares us for the real life problems.

As we grow our erudition increases we evolve from infants to adolescents. High school is the time in our life when we need the most appropriate guidance and counselling, to determine our rightful personalities. But unfortunately in our education system when the kids reach this stage they are forced to cram and made to fit in the box. But there are kids who break offbeat. They drift away from their institutes and start to learn things from outdoor society. They follow what they see. Therefore, education should cover all modules that we learn from society in a constructive manner, to save us from aberration.

I think what Rabtt is trying to do is making education in Pakistan according to modern standards. The minds of Pakistani youth are very sharp. Rabtt evaluate the minds of the less opportune kids and offers them a platform to unveil their potentials. Here we get a break from the grim school routine. We actually enjoy the learning practices. Even the boring lessons like math and history are made exciting. Nothing ever gets dreary here.

Dramatics is my favorite subject at Rabtt Summer Camp. We are getting the positive flank of Theatre Education, which otherwise for us would have been the typical comedies poised in the most immoral fashion by local theaters. Then there is public speaking where everybody is equally encourages participating, this has helped many students to break out of their shells.

Moreover, Rabtt has helped us understand the challenges and embrace the excitements of our career goals. That for me is to join Fashion industry as a hair stylist. During the Art lesson I’ve learnt so many new creative skills that have made me feel more like an artist than I’ve ever felt before.

Looking at our mentors, the Rabtt fellows that has succeeded in their lives as students and have got into the best institutes of Pakistan motivates and encourages us. We feel like can do it too. Yet the best thing about this camp is it makes us open, affirmative and comfortable to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Through this experience I personally have groomed a great deal.

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