The Working Self

Working as a social enterprise is an important part of our identity. We did not intend to rely on funding alone, and actively sought avenues to generate our own funding. Using a cross-subsidy model, the idea was to charge where the client could afford it and provide service where they could not.

The idea of offering corporate and professional trainings was debated internally for a few months. Up until this point, we had targeted our core competencies directly through the education system. We did not want to develop a program simply for the objective of making money, and disconnected from our organisational values.

In going ahead with the program, we worked with the conviction that empathy, critical thinking, creativity, and self-confidence were as essential in the professional world as they were in the personal and academic. They would, however, manifest differently in the corporate-professional setting.

The Context

Our identity as workers, managers, and leaders is often removed, even estranged, from the regular life we lead as parents, husbands, sisters, friends, and as ourselves. Imagine spending the majority of your waking time in a job feeling disconnected with your own self, or wanting to leave as soon as possible. We believe in a strict work-life trade-off; work is necessary labour undertaken so we can afford life and leisure.

Yet we know that our best days at work are when we truly immerse in the job at hand, when we work on an exciting new project that is meaningful for us, or when work brings out the best in us individually. At the heart of all we do, all our experiences, all our tasks, is one inescapable being – our individual self. To harness our full potential, we must cultivate and nourish this self.  points out that by trying to find balance we are cutting ourselves short. Rather, the aim should be to integrate our work and individual selves to increase both effectivity and satisfaction.

Program Structure


  • Use empathy as a leadership tool, creating work environments that thrive on inclusivity, mutual respect, and collective growth.
  • Create a holistic sense of identity, bridging the artificial gap between personal and professional lives.
  • Facilitate effective problem solving in the workplace through developing relational skills and critical thinking.
  • Helping employees and organisations communicate more effectively to optimise their operations, and facilitate better personal relations within and across departments.


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