RSC’11 Ends Successfully – Pakistan Today Report

LAHORE – The closing ceremony of Rabtt Summer Camp was held at the Pilot Government High School, Wahdat Road, Lahore, showcasing students’ talent through performing arts.Akhuwat Executive Director Dr Amjad Saqib applauded the efforts of the Rabtt team in bringing together and educating students from various universities to promote independent and critical thinking. He encouraged the civil society to support such youth initiatives. The founders, Aneeq Cheema and Imran Sarwar, highlighting the vision behind the summer camp, emphasised the need to bridge the gap between public and private educational systems.

The Rabtt Summer Camp ’11, Rabtt team’s first project, was organised at Pilot Government High School from June 26 to July 10. It was a mix of educational and recreational activities aimed at instilling critical thinking and decision-making among the participants. The camp entailed English, Mathematics, Sports, Art, Drama, Critical Thinking and History classes. Press Release!

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