Rabtt Fellowship Program 2018

Rabtt Fellowship Program is an opportunity for university students interested in teaching and serving their community. The one year program allows fellows to serve as educators and administrators, where they can actively become involved with public and low cost private school students through teaching and taking up other operational responsibilities during the Rabtt Summer Camps and Rabtt Workshops. Our fellows commit themselves to becoming better leaders and thorough professionals, while supporting the leadership development of their students as wellThe fellowship offers continuous personal growth while working towards a brighter future for the next generation where they build life-long bonds with children that go beyond the typical student-teacher relationship. Fellows get a chance to view life from the other end of the spectrum, leading to new insights, experiences, developing empathy, tolerance and a human connection.

Rabtt fellowship training is an opportunity for fellows to explore themselves as persons of great talent and intellect. The idea is to bring individuals of great capabilities on one platform where they learn and unlearn through communal experience. These trainings are not only aimed at instilling Empathy, Creativity, Confidence and Critical Thinking, but also focus of developing hard skills such as Leadership and communication which are geared towards playing a vital role in personal and professional life.


  • A stimulating journey towards a more empathetic and tolerant Pakistan.
  • The massive contentment of helping children, as well as learning from them.
  • New skills, greater self-confidence, a better understanding of our education system, valuable personal and professional growth.
  • A recommendation/fellowship certificate on the successful completion of the program.
  • And most importantly, an extraordinary, never-to-be-forgotten experience!


For further queries write to us at rfp2018@rabtt.org