Rabtt Fellowship Program

RFP began simply as the required pool of volunteers for the Scholars Program. However, a few factors drove us to make the program more rigorous as well as competitive. We realized as soon as the second year of operations that volunteers would require more training as our philosophy, curriculum, and operations became more standardised.

More importantly we realised there was nothing inherently ‘better’ in the volunteers (or indeed the executive team) that made us somehow better equipped to ‘teach’ others about empathy. The core competencies were skills we would all have to learn for ourselves first. We have attempted consistently at Rabtt to avoid developing a savior complex–a belief that we have something to give or teach to others. Instead, we stress the need to learn from each other, and to facilitate each other’s growth.

The Fellowship program is as much invested in the volunteer mentors’ growth as it is in the students, and has similar objectives for Rabtt Fellows:

  • To foster the core competencies of empathy, critical thinking, creativity, and self-confidence.
  • To bridge gaps between mentors and students, creating an environment of mutual learning and respect.
  • To encourage self-reflection, and facilitate Fellows in their own personal, professional, and entrepreneurial goals.
  • To equip Fellows with skills for their roles in Academics (such as lesson planning, activity-based teaching) and/or Management (communication, project management).

Rabtt Fellowship Program is a year-long voluntary teaching, immersion, and leadership program offered to undergraduate students and young professionals.

Download more additional resources and detailed information about the program from HERE