Rabtt – Crowd Funding Campaign 2016-17

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are reaching out to you to gather financial support in order to successfully complete the education programs that Rabtt runs in public and low-cost private schools in Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan. Rabtt has been working, for the last 6 years, to build a more empathetic society through a mentorship program that has left a deep impact on the lives of mentors, students, and perhaps most of all us. The current cycle of our programs has engaged over 470 high school students and around 70 undergraduate students, from Lahore and Karachi, in what we believe to be a connection based on dignity and mutual learning. In total we have impacted over 4,000 students, teachers, and professionals since 2011. But we require some significant financial assistance to successfully complete the current cycle of our programs.

We have seen the power of human connections counter a culture of apathy and distrust. Education should, first and foremost, liberate. Sadaf, a student from Ibrahim Hyderi (Korangi) told Maha, our City Manager, that she can talk in front of her family now, and that she fights with her father just to come to school. She used to avoid speaking in class as well. She performed on stage, in front of a 300 odd audience, this summer. We have realized that when a father tells you how he sees change in his daughter, Mahnoor, who’s talking about zindagi ki barri barri cheezein (big things in life), you trust him. And we are constantly reminded of the student from Pilot Govt. High School, Lahore, who told us back in 2011 “mein aaj tak yaad kar rha tha, aaj seekh rha hoon” (up till today I was memorizing, now I am learning).

Our programs provide a learning environment which fosters confidence, critical thinking, creativity, and empathy. We do this via Summer Camps and Workshops in high-schools where our Fellows volunteer to teach subjects like World History, Arts, Dramatics, Philosophy, Public Speaking, English and Mathematics.

If you are willing to financially contribute to the operations involved in achieving the above, please contact us at info@rabtt.org, or simply message on Facebook, or call us at +92-300-8452067. We would like to share some more information before taking contributions! 🙂 

You can also directly contribute here : https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/rabtt-crowd-funding-campaign-2016