Rabtt Blue Book

Rabtt is the manifestation of a deeply held belief that humans matter – that connections matter, conversations matter. Over the last 6 years we have learnt immensely from each other by virtue of these connections – from our students, volunteers, advisors, and mentors. The Blue Book is a form of gratitude to all those who have taught us, and an invitation to the development sector to rethink its purpose. In place of models meant to ‘save’ and ‘salvage’ the ‘unfortunate underprivileged’, we present a model based on the centrality of human connections for deep-rooted impact, rigorous internal accountability, and mutual growth through knowledge-sharing.

 We write this book in the spirit of learning from each other’s triumphs and tribulations, in order to one day create an education system that fosters creative and critical thinking, work environments charged with innovation, and a society that is empathic. We have used this document to share not only our resources, curriculum, and business model, but to highlight the many unique personal experiences and convictions that shaped our work.

Furthermore, we hope to encourage other organisations in the development and education space to share their own stories, so that we as a community can collaborate and create synergies that truly serve the larger purposes we espouse. We invite you to both learn from and question everything we have done, and hope most of all that you will be able to use this document as a resource to make your own contributions – first and foremost, for yourself, and for those around you – and in the process alter the landscape of entrepreneurship, social or otherwise, in Pakistan.

This book may prove useful to entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, donors, or various other stakeholders in the development and education sector. It can be used to reflect on a new idea you are contemplating, refine an existing idea you are implementing, or to replicate our model—in part or whole— in your own community.

Objectives of the Blue Book

  • To share in detail our journey, business model, program structure, and curriculum
  • To facilitate the replication and improvement of this model in other parts of the country, and suggest what alternative models of development may look like.
  • To highlight key learnings and shortcomings in our experience that others may use to their advantage.
  • To provide insight into everything that went into building and sustaining an enterprise – ranging from its values and mission to its organizational structure.

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