October 2014

Rabtt Workshops with M. H. Sufi Foundation

This October Rabtt conducted 2 more workshops, on World History I and Dramatics, with students at M. H. Sufi Foundation School in Kot Ishaq, Hafizabad. These were the second and third workshops in a series of 6.
These workshops are interrelated and focused on identifying prejudices and developing empathy by trying to understand the other persons perspective through acting. The students response was very positive and created a good followup to the previous workshops and laid the groundwork for the upcoming World History II and Thinking Skills.

Rabtt Followup Workshops

The second part of Rabtts school outreach program is continuing in full swing and picking up momentum. Rabtt is now conducting workshops that are building up on the curriculum taught in Rabtt Summer Camps.
Continuing through the month of October, a workshop was conducted on Public Speaking at Pilot Boys High School Wahdat Road. In the following week 2 workshops were held, one in Comprehensive Girls High School, Wahdat Road on Reading Skills and the other in Model Girls High School Wahdat Road, on Peacebuilding.

Rabtt was featured in Extraordinary Pakistanis! An online platform which celebrates the extraordinary character and achievements of the Pakistani people by sharing their inspirational, real life stories and shows the world that Pakistan is an ordinary country with extraordinary potential. Click here to read the full article.
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