November 2014

Imran Sarwar – Global shaper!

Imran Sarwar, Co-Founder Rabtt, was in Vatican in late November to attend a World Economic Forum meet, attended by young social entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the globe, where he represented the Global Shapers Lahore Hub and Rabtt. The discussion centered around social and economic inclusion, individual transformation, and how to counter a globalization of indifference, inspired by Pope Francis’ ask to ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it. The ideas and insights from the interactive meeting were also presented to Pope Francis.

Aneeq Cheema – at WISE!

Aneeq Ahmed Cheema, Co-founder Rabtt represented Rabtt in the WISE Summit 2014 in Doha, Qatar. This year’s summit was themed around “Creativity”, with inspiring lectures, workshops and an array of practitioners from around the globe including Pakistan.

Aneeq also gave a presentation on Rabtt to students at Carnegie Mellon University at Qatar. We are really grateful to Dr Tariq Cheema, Navid Iqbal and Varun Arora for their support, and to our adviser Zach Ciccone, for making this possible.

Rabtt – M.H Sufi Foundation

World History II workshop was held with students at the M.H Sufi Foundation Schools on 1st November 2014, exploring the concept of conflict and possible avenues of resolving conflict, using national and international case studies. The students, brimming with questions, took hold of the discussions around violence, redemptive violence and non-violence, exploring the short-term and long-run trade-offs to the actions we take. As a consequence, the students underscored the importance of being empathetic to finding long-lasting and meaningful solutions.

Thinking skills workshop was held at the M.H Sufi Foundation Schools on 22nd November. The workshop primarily focused on reinforcing critical thinking skills among the students. An introduction to logic and argumentation provided students with an opportunity to assess their reasoning in everyday life. An overview to fallacies that we encounter in our daily life also encouraged students to practice critical thinking in their region.

Rabtt Followup Workshops

The second part of Rabtts school outreach program is continuing in full swing and picking up momentum. Rabtt is now conducting workshops that are building up on the curriculum taught in Rabtt Summer Camps.

Continuing through the month of November, a workshop was conducted on Public Speaking at Government Model Girls High School Wahdat Colony and a Peacebuilding Workshop was conducted at Comprehensive Girls High School, Wahdat Road.

Rabtt has been featured at Helpgro website. Helpgro is both a channel and a platform. It is a conduit through which those that want to help can connect with those that need it. Helpgro believes in community and we intend to create a community of gro-ers that can support causes for the betterment of humanity.

Rabtt is grateful to the team at Helpgro for their support and featuring us on their website. Check their website to get to know about other amazing initiatives!

Rabtt-EYA Collaboration

Idara Taleem o Agahi (ITA) in collaboration with A World at School (AWAS) has recently launched a new Education Youth Ambassador (EYA) Program. It is a 1 year volunteer program and an off shoot of the Global Youth Ambassador (GYA) Program, specific to Pakistan. The program seeks to form a network of 500 young leaders with the interest, passion and skill set to campaign in their schools and communities in Pakistan for action to extend and ensure Right to Education (RTE) and Education for All (EFA).

Rabtt has recently collaborated with ITA for the EYA Program as implementation partners. It is a digital mobilization and communication initiative harnessing the efforts and energies of the many NGOs, teachers’ organizations, faith groups, individuals and youth campaigners to make education a reality for all the world’s children.

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