May 2014


Rabtt Summer Camps have been finalized! 10 Rabtt Summer Camps in 2014 will be hosted at 8 schools! This year summer camps will be held at Govt. Comprehensive Girls High School (Wahdat Road), C.D.G. Boys High School, C.D.G. Girls High School (Wahdat Colony), Govt. Model Girls High School (Wahdat Road), Govt. Model Girls High School (Wahdat Colony), Govt. Pilot Boys Higher Secondary School, Saint John’s High School for Boys & Saint John’s High School for Girls, Yohannabad.
Training for 60 fellows is to be held in the first week of June, while the camps are starting from 9th June!
Collaboration with British Council
British Council is joining hands with Rabtt for the academic year 2014-15, to reach over 400 students across Lahore through the Rabtt Summer Camps and Workshops, and engaging around 60 volunteer mentors in the Rabtt Fellowship Program. British Council’s expertise in the education and long history of working in Pakistan will be immensely helpful to Rabtt, as we incorporate English language as a cross-cutting theme in our modules and activities, and work towards a holistic education system.

CDA Collaboration

This summer, Rabtt entered into partnership with the Centre for Dialogue and Action, located in Forman Christian College Lahore. CDA works under the leadership of Dr. Amineh Hoti and Dr. Charles Ramsey—both of whom have extensive experience developing school and training curriculum for promoting empathy. Both organizations hope to benefit from each other through feedback and creating programs where trained volunteers can implement their learning about empathy and non-violence.

Spotlight session in SOL – EDU2014
Rabtt took part in the first Educators Development Union hosted by School of Leadership from May 09-11, in Karachi. The event brought together over 300 participants representing more than 50 schools, and 75 thought-leaders and educationists, creating a safe space for interaction and exchange of ideas around education practices and policies. Imran Sarwar held a spotlight session on Rabtt, and a novel audience in Karachi provided him with critical feedback and insights on Rabtt’s work.
LUMS-CDR Conference: Common Interests and a Common Future
Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan, and Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation, India, held a series of conferences titled Common Interests and a Common Future. The initiative promoted a robust and inclusive dialogue process as well as future cooperation between educationists and environmentalists from Lahore, Karachi, Mumbai, and Amritsar. Imran Sarwar represented Rabtt at the last conference held in Amritsar, where a strategy and future steps were discussed to develop modules on Responsible Citizenship, with collaboration among all partners, including leading educational institutions and organizations in both countries.
Reading Skills Workshop at SETC

Rabtt conducted a Reading Skills workshop at the Special Education and Training Center, Johar Town, Lahore.

The workshop included interactive activities and passages where the students were taught to imagine the scenario written by author and formulate images in their minds. The workshop encouraged students to read. Children thoroughly enjoyed the session and participated actively. This was fifth in a series of workshops to be held at the school.


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