June-July 2015


The Rabtt Fellowship Program 2015 officially commenced with Rabtt Fellows Training which focused on personal development, internalising values and mission of Rabtt and training to sensitize successful delivery of the summer camp. We are grateful to Ilm Ideas, Social Innovation Lab, Independent Theatre Company and History Project and all the guest speakers for their help and support for Rabtt Training Program! A special thanks to Dr. Amjad Saqib & Syed Hussain Haider for an inspiring session on volunteerism! Check out Rabtt Training Album to see the glimpse of different sessions.

The year’s most exciting event for Fellows, Students and Rabtt’s team kicked off in June! Rabtt Summer Camp was held at 7 different schools of Lahore. Even the blazing heat of summer and Ramadan could not hinder the excitement of the Camp participants. Over the course of four weeks, students learned English, Mathematics, World History, Public Speaking, Philosophy, Art, and Dramatics. Most importantly, students and mentors developed the strong personal connections that Rabtt believes are pivotal to meaningful learning. Through working together, they were able to create a learning space that fosters mutual trust and respect.

With improved curriculum and rigorously trained volunteers, Team Rabtt looks forward to creating better learners and changing lives. We are grateful to Ilm Ideas for their contributions and collaboration along with our partners organizations Social Innovation Lab, Independent Theatre Company,Project 50 Kids and History Project. To re-live the amazing summer don`t forget to check out our Rabtt Summer Camp Album.


Rabtt owes much of its work to the trust and support of parents. As an effort to involve them in the Summer Camp experience of their children, a series of ‘iftars’ was arranged at schools, where students, parents, teachers, and Rabtt Fellows were in attendance. It was a valuable opportunity for parents to meet and talk to the volunteers who had been working with their children the entire summer. The parents and Team Rabtt were also able to discuss Rabtt’s philosophy of education, and how it is carried out.


As part of Rabtt Summer Camps, three trips of all seven schools were taken to Delhi Gate for tour of inner city which included Shahi Hamam, Inner city and Masjid Wazir Khan. The students thoroughly enjoyed the guided educational trip conducted by tour guides of Walled City Project. Relive their journey into the magical old Lahore HERE


Art at Rabtt teaches students basic theory, technical skill, and self-expression. Many of our students have never formally studied art before, but the work they are able to create for the final exhibition wows everyone who sees it. Rabtt Art Work 2015


Every year Rabtt organizes series of Guest Lectures for its students at Summer Camps. This year Lawyer by profession and legal advisor at Rabtt, Zeeshaan Hashmiconducted ‘Nunhey Wakeel’ guest sessions focusing on understanding what the law is, why it exists, and how it functions in the state. Students discussed rights and responsibilities as prescribed in the Pakistani constitution. Zahra Saleha Ahmad conducted a session on promoting tolerance, acceptance and collaboration among us to build a peaceful and tolerant society. Special sessions were conducted byProject 50 Kids in Pilot school on computer literacy and design thinking.


Rabtt Summer Camps 2015 conclude with a grand and colourful Graduation Ceremony. The students, helped by Rabtt Fellows, put on various performances of drama, mock parliaments and the amazing art exhibits.A large number of representatives from the education & development sector, along with media personalities and members of the civil society were in attendance. This included Aban Haq & Muhammad Ali Butt of Ilm Ideas, Dr. Amjad Saqib, Bela Raza Jamil, and Dr. Aneela Salman from Punjab Education Foundationas Chief Guest,  who came out to support the young students and fellows. A large number of academics from LUMS, FC College and Beaconhouse National University were also present at the event.

The evening began with  amazing performances in Hall 2 and Hall 3 simultaneously.  There were two main public speaking performances at the graduation ceremony. One student from each camp was selected to take part in the public speaking performance. Two mock style parliamentray debates of 15 minutes each were prepared along with 7 dramatics performances by schools which received a huge round of applause as the intelligent scripts gave the audience much to ponder about the role of class, society and race.

Organisations working in the education sector had put up stalls outside the hall and the whole atmosphere was filled with optimism, hope and happiness. Parents of the participating children were proud of what their children had achieved and the talent that was evident in the various performances prepared by the kids themselves.

Another highlight of the event was the artwork done by the kids during the summer camps displayed in the reception area. This year Rabtt ran its summer camps with various schools in Lahore and art proved to be the most popular activity amongst them which was evident from the wonderful pieces showcased at the venue.

We are grateful to Ilm Ideas for their contributions and collaboration as we took on the summer heat with learning and fun! We are also grateful to Independent Theatre Company, Lahore Arts Council, Social Innovation Lab, & Project 50 Kids as well as our media partners Radio FM91, Ink-Slinger and Ideas Evolved for their support and contributions making the summer project a great success. Do visit our FB Album to check out these amazing pictures from Rabtt Graduation 2015


Rabtt Fellows and The Executive Team got together for a dinner after the intense experience of Rabtt Summer Camps during the months of June & July. The gathering helped in unwinding & strengthening the bond between the Fellows. There was laughter, food, selfies and a farewell! RFP2015 continues!
Imran Sarwar from Rabtt moderated the spotlight session “Expanding Learning Horizons: Kitabon se Aagay” at The Pakistan Innovation Corridor organized by Ilm Ideas with the following panelists: Faisal Mirza from AmanSports, Maham Ali from Children Literature Festival, Maryam Mohiuddin from Social Innovation Lab and Qasim Aslam from History Project. Formore details
Imran Sarwar from Rabtt was a guest at Weekend World With Sophiya at PTV World with other guests including Shoaib Iqbal,Mahlaqa Shouqat, & Moiz Hussain. The participants talked about the state of education in the country and the necessary steps which are being taken by their initiatives. You can watch the entire episodeHERE
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