January 2016

We are preparing to start operations in Pakistan’s biggest city! The bustling, diverse, and ever-enterprising Karachi!
We are extremely thankful to Engro Vopak Terminal Limited for their support as we take this leap and launch Rabtt Scholars Program and Fellowship Program in Karachi this year. We can’t wait to learn from students there and work with schools and colleges in the city as we move towards our vision for a more empathetic Pakistan.
Karachi – we will need your support, your entrepreneurial spirit, and more than anything, your warmth. And we will need a team! Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities in the city of lights.
2016 is indeed off to a great start, and it will just get better!

The Rabtt Change-Agents (RCA) program aims to build a longer engagement with our students to allow them to become agents of change in their own communities.
The training develops a combination of theoretical understanding and technical skill. Change Agents will learn to understand themselves and their society better through modules such as Identity and Sociological Imagination. Alongside, they will learn about communication, and how to develop and refine their own business ideas.
Rabtt kicks off its collaboration with Kashf Foundation with a workshop on identity at Taj Grammar High School, Nishter Colony. Under this collaboration, Rabtt will be conducting workshops at seven low-cost private schools supported by the Kashf Foundation in Lahore. The workshop modules will foster critical thinking abilities among students, acquaint them with the theory and practice of empathy and help them learn about financial management and entrepreneurship through experiential learning. 200 students from various schools will take part in the workshop series which will culminate in a business idea competition between the participating schools.
Rabtt is conducting a series of Follow up Workshops planned for all the schools where Summer Camp were held in June-July 2015. The philosophy behind these one day workshops is to build upon the Rabtt Summer Camps and to reinforce the learning process. Continuing through the month of January, workshops on History, English, Public Speaking and Arts modules were held at Model Town Boys High School, CDG Girls High School, Sanjan Nagar and Govt Pilot Boys High School, Lahore.
Imran Sarwar talked at TEDx FAST about the necessity of being selfish in any endeavor we pursue, to do justice to ourselves and to the task at hand. Imran talks about the allure of believing that we are being ‘selfless’ and draws examples from what he calls the ‪#selfishlife.‬ Watch the talk HERE 
  • An inspiring talk by Saad Idrees, Co-Director at Social Innovation Lab, on social entrepreneurship and the need to collaborate, where he talks about Rabtt and the amazing work being done by our partner organizations. Listen to this talk HERE
  • Let`s take a tour to Hafizabad by watching this short video for The History Project Workshops in collaboration with Rabtt.
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