February 2016

The application for Rabtt Fellowship Program 2016 is LIVE! Join us as we aim to learn, unlearn and relearn during our journey towards a more empathetic Pakistan. This is your chance to be an agent of change – begin your journey today with Rabtt!
For ‪#RFP2016, we will be recruiting Fellows for LAHORE & KARACHI who will engage students through Summer Camps and Workshops for the duration of Summer 2016 to Spring 2017. For all relevant details visit: http://goo.gl/Isfclz


It’s amazing how all of us, whether we are students or corporate leaders, have one thing in common: we all want to be heard. And understood. We believe this is Rabtt’s biggest contribution, to allow us to listen to each other and appreciate the battle each person is fighting.

Rabtt concluded a week-long training with Maxim International, exploring questions around empathy, communication, and leadership in a corporate setting! We are thankful to the participants for really opening up and sharing their views for some highly productive sessions, for being vulnerable in front of each other, and pledging to understand each other better.

The modules included Identity and Story-telling, Communication and Body-language, Teambuilding, Leadership, Problem solving, Conflict Management, and Systems Thinking, among others. With a combination of activities and discussion, we were able to learn from each other and work effectively towards an empathetic work environment where leadership can be practiced across the board.

Rabtt is organizing series of workshops in collaboration with Kashf Foundation. Under this collaboration, Rabtt has conducted workshops at seven low-cost private schools supported by the Kashf Foundation in Lahore. The workshop modules fostered critical thinking abilities among students and acquainted them with the theory and practice of empathy and helped them learn about financial management and entrepreneurship through experiential learning.
The Rabtt Change-Agents (RCA) program aims to build a longer engagement with our students to allow them to become agents of change in their own communities. The training develops a combination of theoretical understanding and technical skill. Change Agents will learn to understand themselves and their society better through modules such as Identity and Sociological Imagination.The Rabtt Change Agents cohort is gearing up for some of its most challenging training modules yet–next week, we cover Design Thinking, Project Monitoring, and Communications.
Rabtt extends a warm welcome to the newest member of our team! Our City Manager for Karachi, Maha Siddiqui, joins us this month. Maha’s appointment is another important step towards the expansion of our operations in Karachi and our entire team looks forward to learning from her experiences and working together for an empathetic Pakistan!

Maha graduated from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) as an Accounting and Finance Major, after which she spent three years ‘exploring’ the corporate sector in Dubai. During this time, she worked as a Marketing Executive in the conferences and exhibitions industry; primarily for the Dubai International Boat Show at the Dubai World Trade Centre and for numerous conferences at MCI Middle East. Maha recently moved back to Pakistan and wants to direct her skill set towards helping Rabtt expand in Karachi. She strongly believes in Rabtt’s journey and wants to be a part of this experience.


Dharam Bhurst – Stage Performance by Govt Pilot High School for Boys, Lahore. Watch the complete performance HERE

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