December 2014

Dear Friends and Supporters of Rabtt,

As 2014 draws to a close, I would like to believe that it was a promising year, except that way too many promises died – too early, too young. As education is celebrated all across the globe, I can’t help but wonder if the world we are handing over to our children is truly worthy of them. One of the bravest things Pakistan did in 2014 was for its young students to just wake up and go to school on the morning of 17th December – the ability of children to teach us never ceases to amaze me.

2014 taught a lot of us how to cry again, how to feel the weight of the burden that history has placed on us, and how not to shy away from it.

Tears alone are not enough – never have been – and now, more than ever before, we owe it to our future to lay the foundations of a more empathetic society. A society where different perspectives and ideas are not only allowed to flourish, but are celebrated; where we are willing to unlearn our own preconceived notions; and where questions are not slave to their answers, but vice versa.

We need to ask ourselves, are we educating our students to be problem solvers and active citizens in this global society? If not, then we aren’t preparing them for the world that will soon be theirs to shape.

This was a year of experiments and discoveries at Rabtt – as I hope each year will be. While we scaled and consolidated our operations, increasing outreach by 400 percent in a span of one year, we also launched new and exciting programs. In some areas we stumbled, while in others we have started to fledge with promises of success. Our partners and supporters give us the strength to carry on and keep learning.

It’s a difficult time to be hopeful, yet we can’t afford to not be. As I think of the coming year, I think of our students and our Fellows, who continue to inspire and humble us. There are so many connections to be made, more smiles to be shared, and new adventures of unlearning, exploring, and re-writing the future.

Wishing you all a year worth celebrating.


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