December 2015

The year gone by has been a challenge in some ways, a triumph in others, and in it’s totality – nothing short of an adventure. As we consolidated established programs like Rabtt Scholars Program and Fellowship Program, we explored exciting new programs and trainings and made significant strides towards self-sustainability.
As we enter 2016 we see around us a world that is as fearful as it is hopeful, that celebrates differences but also constructs boundaries of identity, that is revolutionizing the way we live yet often restricts the way we think. Citizens of this globalized world need, more than ever before, the ability to empathize, understand, appreciate, and collaborate for a better future. With a vision for this future we will be starting operations in another city this year, embarking on a new adventure. You will hear from us soon on this exciting yet challenging development!
You have seen us grow, stumble, un-learn, succeed, and question. This questioning lies at the heart of accountability – first and foremost to ourselves, and then to you. We promise to adopt your dreams for an empathetic future if you promise to hold us accountable in this pursuit.
May the New Year bring much to rejoice.
To questions,
Team Rabtt

Driven by the values of Curiosity and Accountability, an independent Research Department was set up this year. The department will oversee impact and program evaluations for Rabtt’s own programs, as well as extend its research and evaluation services to other organisations in the development sector. In 2016, Rabtt will run its first annual impact evaluation for the Scholars/Fellowship Program, validate an Urdu scale of Empathy for use in local settings, and conduct research projects on the organisation’s core metrics.
Three new regular paid and unpaid internship programs were set up. The Curriculum Assistants program focuses on developing and revising modules and course packs used in Rabtt’s programs, The Workshop Assistants program hires and trains interns to conduct Rabtt’s Independent Workshop Series, and the Research Assistants program trains interns in research and data analysis for behavioural sciences. These internships will now be offered in 2-3 cycles each year.

2015 was particularly exciting for Rabtt as we build more collaborations and partnerships withIlm Ideas, Social Innovation LabThe History ProjectM.H.Sufi Foundation, Kashf Foundation,St. Anthony’s High School, The City School Shahiwal, Lahore University of Management Sciences  and Forman Christian University. These collaborations included trainings, independent workshops and strategic partnerships.  Most of the trainings will continue in 2016 as well. 

2015 saw a marked increase in self-sustainability at Rabtt – from 0.9% to 9%! Independent Workshop Series with different audiences, including high-school and undergraduate students, contributed to this increase and helped us cover administrative expenses. This positive trend is expected to continue in the coming year.
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