August 2015


Rabtt has grown significantly as an organization in the last 2 years. Starting from just one full-time employee in August 2013, the organization now employees 6 full-time employees, as well as part-time and contractual members, and manages more than 50 Fellows each year. Given the limitations of a social enterprise and a start-up, Rabtt has fared well in building the capacity of the core team, and setting up core departments; this includes Operations and HR, Academics and Assessment, Finance and Marketing, Communications, and Business Development. With an exciting year ahead, with multiple new challenges as we think about scale and consolidation, the Capacity Building Training brought the team together and allowed us to put our heads together and plan ahead. We would like to thank Ilm Ideas for their support in organizing this training, and all the trainers for taking out time.

From August 17 to 22, 2015, Rabtt conducted a week-long training with a very energetic and promising group of LUMS Freshmen students, who will be starting their undergraduate experience this Fall. The diverse group consisted of students from all across Pakistan, including scholars of the National Outreach Program. The facilitators and modules probed issues around identity and society, with a focus on the intersection of biography and history, and helped the students prepare for an exciting 4 years at LUMS. Modules on story-telling, problem-solving and conceptual mathematics brought the training full-circle, linking activities and discussions to our signature competencies: empathy, critical thinking, creativity, and self-confidence. We are extremely grateful to the LUMS NOP Center for organizing the training, and our amazing facilitators and the Social Innovation Lab team for their support!

Tooba Fatima,Director Academics & Assessment has been selected by Seeds of Peace for its inaugural class of GATHER Fellows: 16 individuals engaged in social change endeavors that have the potential to impact the dynamics of conflict in and between communities. The GATHER Fellowship is a year-long project grant with a 1-week training in London. During the training, Fellows will have joint sessions areas like leadership and management, and will have separate meetings set up with exerts from their own field. Tooba has received the grant in order to establish a separate Research & Development wing at Rabtt, which will oversee assessment, develop locally validated scales, and serve as an open platform for research in psychology and education. More here


Rabtt has been featured in August 14th – Independence Day Edition of Gulf News. We believe in fighting extremism, intolerance and hatred through education! Read the full article at:


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