Rabtt – ThinKids Summer Camp 2014

Rabtt - ThinKids Summer Camp 2014

Rabtt – ThinKids Summer Camp 2014

August, Lahore: Spain-based nonprofit organization Thinkids, in collaboration with Rabtt, Pakistan, held a five day Summer Camp with students from Saint John’s Boys High School, Youhannabad from August 11 to August 16, 2014. The team included Ignacio Gonzalez Cabello, Javier Gutiérrez and Santiago Aldanondo who drove over 15,000 km during their journey visiting more than half a dozen countries. THINKIDS is an innovative program that develops creativity and imagination to encourage entrepreneurship from an early age and stimulates talent through playing and working through workshops and camps to empower the skills and abilities in the field of Multiple Intelligences. Rabtt has been working since 2011, supported by a dedicated and qualified team and more than a hundred invaluable volunteers with an aim to increase critical thinking, creativity, and empathy in students. Rabtt attempts to create learning experiences that are concept-based, cross-disciplinary, and student-centered.

Rabtt-Thinkids Summer Camp consisted of a five hour program every day, divided into workshops and projects. The students identified problems and proposed possible solutions for those problems along with an in-depth analysis of their proposed ideas. Some of the interesting ideas included SPM (Self Protector Mask) and Teaching4Prays. On the last day, kids presented their projects developed during the week. The camp also covered public speaking which helped them to present their ideas in a coherent and confident manner.

You can watch a short documentary on their summer camp HERE

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