April 2017

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  • Until We Meet Again…

    It was a cold weekend of December 2010, when I received a call from Aneeq. After my undergrad I had taken a year off and was busy preparing for the public service examinations. He talked about an upcoming summer project he was planning with few other friends. I will have to admit I was a […]

  • The Blue Book and Next Steps at Rabtt

    Dear friends, I have formulated this message in my mind over the last 5 months, made countless attempts at an opening paragraph, and yet words fail me as they have never done before. Last month we launched the Rabtt Blue Book – a narrative, collection, and repository of all that we have learnt, unlearnt, and […]

  • Executing Thoughts: Forming Connections

    Agate Nesaule writes, “we have to believe that even the briefest of human connections can heal, otherwise life is unbearable”. Six years ago, we started out as coffee table ideas-turned-experiments about quality education and an empathic society. Spanning these six years we advocated for the value of questions, of open-ended answers, sitting with uncertainty, and […]