• Welcome to Rabtt!

    Connect | Educate | Evolve

    Rabtt is the manifestation of a deeply held belief that humans matter – that connections matter, conversations matter. Over the last 6 years we have learnt immensely from each other by virtue of these connections – from our students, volunteers, advisors, and mentors.

    At Rabtt we believe that education in its true spirit is a holistic experience—challenging, enjoyable, and engaging. It fosters the ability to question, analyze, and empathize with different worldviews. Each student is unique and filled with a world of possibilities – at Rabtt we ‘connect’ with students at a personal level and foster curiosity and creativity, catering to their individual talents through intensive summer programs and year-round workshops.

  • Objectives of the Blue Book

      • To share in detail our journey, business model, program structure, and curriculum
      • To facilitate the replication and improvement of this model in other parts of the country, and suggest what alternative models of development may look like.
      • To highlight key learning and shortcomings in our experience that others may use to their advantage.
      • To provide insight into everything that went into building and sustaining an enterprise – ranging from its values and mission to its organizational structure.


  • Vision

    Rabtt seeks to build a more empathetic society by developing and imparting a holistic education experience that fosters 21st century skills.


    To promote independent thinking through educational activities, bringing together students and mentors from different classes of society in an environment conducive to learning about new fields of knowledge and broadening the scope of future possibilities.